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(dir) console/        
(dir) godi-digest/        
(dir) godi-gzip/        
(dir) godi-pax/        
(dir) godi-pkg/        
(dir) godi-sys-unix/        
(dir) godi-sys-win32/        
(dir) godi-term/        
(dir) godi-ui/        
(dir) godi-util/        
(dir) godi-wget-boot/        
(dir) godi-wtool-power/        
(dir) godi-wtool-simple/        
(file) Makefile   1159  6 years  gerd  build fix release 3.0.33
(file) NOTES   678  12 years  gerd  Renaming src to console-src
(file) configure   1190  4 years  gerd  Porting to ocamlnet-4 (while retaining compatibility with onet3)
(file) configure_boot   984  7 years  gerd  updating configure_boot removing last ref to pcre from godi_inifiles
(file) godi_console.1   1101  6 years  gerd  updated
(file) godi_digest.1   779  11 years  gerd  integrationg godi_digest
(file) godi_make.1   1100  6 years  gerd  describe the new godi_make functions
(file) godi_oasis_import   1157  6 years  gerd  Limiting the number of resolver steps. Installing the native version of godi_con...
(file) godi_pax.1   1114  6 years  gerd  godi_pax -O
(file) symlink   1031  7 years  gerd  win32: relying on $CC

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