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File Rev. Age Author Last log entry
(file) FAQ   562  14 years  gerd  Updated.
(file) account.html   1172  6 years  gerd  adding a hash mark
(file) db-ref.txt   629  13 years  gerd  Initial revision.
(file) finding_libraries.txt   393  15 years  gerd   Added info for HP-UX.
(file) godi-paris2008.odp   732  11 years  gerd  Added.
(file) makevar-ref.txt   1187  5 years  gerd  doc MASTER_URLS
(file) plist-ref.txt   562  14 years  gerd  Updated.
(file) skylift-intro.txt   1016  7 years  gerd  added
(file) workgroups.txt   1113  6 years  gerd  adding doc

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